How To Arrange A Cozy Balcony?

How to Arrange a Cozy Balcony?

It is necessary to begin the arrangement of a balcony with a definition of the purposes. First of all, you need to answer the question of why you need to change something. Most likely, there is a need to dismantle the rubbish that has been collected there for years and start using the space to its advantage.

Here are some options for what a balcony space is suitable for:

  • you can arrange a workplace on the balcony;
  • the balcony will be suitable for sports (if the area and type of exercises allows);
  • also here it is possible to make a small wardrobe or a pantry;
  • a place for meditation or just a place of strength.

No matter what you choose, the first steps will be the same: first, throw out the trash, check the integrity of the interior, if necessary, make cosmetic repairs.

Step 1: Throw out the trash

Take away anything that annoys or interferes. You need as much free space as possible. There will be room for all your essentials, but, agree, the vacuum cleaner or the dirty cage of the former parrot is not here the place. Also, get rid of old furniture that you are unlikely to use. The main task is to create a free zone.

Step 2: Make repairs

Next, check the interior decoration and, if necessary, make cosmetic repairs. If necessary, paint the walls. Advised you to use pastel colors: they are natural and will not bother. Alternatively, you can glue a wooden rail.

Step 3: Installation of furniture

You have prepared a free space. Ideally, it is 1.5 m² or a rectangle of 1 m x 1.5 m. In this area, you can easily install a table with dimensions of 1000 x 600 mm. It should be as simple as possible, without unnecessary shelves or drawers. Remember that there is very little space on the balcony, so heavy furniture will visually take up space.

Our task is to create a place where it is easy to breathe. A good option would be a folding table, where the base is screwed to the wall, and the movable tabletop is easily removed if necessary.

You will need a chair for the table. The one standing in the kitchen will not fit. If you work all day, choose an office chair with an adjustable back. If you work from 1 to 3 hours, then any will be suitable for you.

There is a table, there is a chair, now you need a lamp. The lamp must have a dimmer.

Step 4: Decor

We begin to decorate. Decor options depend on your taste. Some people like a lot of small things, and some people like minimalism. From the main, experts would advise buying a rug, fresh flowers, aroma candles or a humidifier, pillows from cool textiles, if there is a place also for a zone of rest, on a wall it is possible to hang up a self-made board with photos.

What to do if your balcony is unglazed?

On the unglazed balcony, you can also organize a dream workplace. This option will not have a desktop computer or an air conditioner, but here you can organize the perfect atmosphere of a Parisian cafe, where it will be convenient to work on a laptop.

What is needed for this?

  • throw out the trash;
  • general cleaning;
  • put the main furniture: a small coffee table;
  • buy wooden chairs or metal ones with soft pillows;
  • many colors will be suitable for decor.

Flower pots on the walls, pots on the floor, hanging baskets on the fence. You can also add ceramic vases with succulents for the mood. In good weather, cover the table with a linen tablecloth and throw soft cushions on the chair.


The main thing: everything should be with taste and in moderation. Do not try to make a terrace if you have 3 m². Let it be a neat garden table, a pair of chairs, a flowerpot with something green, and a cool accent in the form of pillows.

Picture Credit: Unsplash