How to Visually Make an Apartment Bigger?

Do you have a small apartment? Don’t worry! It can be done more without destroying the walls. You just need to know some tricks of interior design that help to visually increase the space.


Interior designers are magicians who can create optical illusions using color and light. Three golden rules for working with color in small rooms are:

  • You can not use dark colors (black, brown, dark blue, etc.) — they “eat up” to 40% of the space. The brighter the room, the more it seems.
  • Vivid contrasts should be avoided: blue and orange, violet and yellow, etc. Such combinations enliven the interior but make it visually smaller.
  • Pure white is also bad. It is better to use cream, pastel shades (light green, sky blue, etc.). Cold colors give more space than warm ones.


Needless to say, the ceilings in a small apartment should also be bright? Ideally — snow-white. But, if you don’t like pure white ceilings, remember the rule: the ceiling is 1-2 tones lighter than the walls.

Doors and windows

Swing doors “eat up” a lot of space. The furniture in the room depends on their location (you won’t put anything near the door). Interior designers in small apartments recommend installing sliding doors.

The visual perception of the size of the apartment also depends on the windows. Large windows visually increase the space, small — compress it. The more natural light, the house seems more spacious. Therefore, do not install window frames with sashes and windows. The color of the frame should be light.


As already mentioned, optical illusions in interior design are created using color and light. To visually expand the space, there should be a lot of light.


The more objects in the room, the smaller it looks. Therefore, in the selection of furniture for a small apartment, the main principle is minimalism.

3 key tips:

  • Carry out an audit and throw away everything that you do not need. Leave only the really necessary pieces of furniture.
  • Use multifunctional furniture (convertible bed, sofa with drawers, etc.).
  • Buy light furniture. Preferably to match the walls.

Mirrors and decor

Mirrors also deftly deceive our eyes. A room in which there is a mirror seems lighter and more spacious. Therefore, designers strongly recommend — more mirrors and more mirrors!

As for other decorative elements, here, as with furniture, it is worth sticking to minimalism. Fewer items — more space.

As you can see, even a modest-sized apartment can be turned into “mansions” if you know how to outwit the visual perception.

Picture Credit: Unsplash