How To Paint uPVC Window Frames and Doors

How To Paint uPVC Window Frames and DoorsPVC profiles under the influence of sunlight slightly change their color. Sure -turn yellow, the dark ones turn discolor. In the juxtaposition of plastic and wooden windows you can often find information that the advantage of the latter is the possibility of renovation. Modern painting products, however, have made this statement obsolete, and PVC windows – just like wooden ones – can be renewed.

Buying new windows is a considerable expense, which we can not always afford. What’s more, if our windows are not damaged, and the only problem is the unsightly appearance caused by discoloration, the exchange of profiles will be an unnecessary burden on the household budget. Until recently, window painting came into play only in the case of wooden windows. At present, we can also treat our color renovation with our PVC windows.

What to paint PVC windows?
We will need a primer and acrylic enamel to paint PVC windows. We find them on the offer of popular paint manufacturers. Their unquestionable advantage is that they dry quickly and are resistant to scratches and the effects of atmospheric factors, especially water and UV rays.

How to paint PVC windows?
Check the conditions. Not every day is suitable for painting PVC windows. The temperature should not be lower than 10 degrees and at the same time it should not exceed 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity? Below 80%.
Prepare the substrate accordingly. Wash and degrease the windows thoroughly. You can use a regular dish washing liquid for this purpose. However, the usual detergent can not handle stubborn stains and you will need a solvent for PVC windows.

Secure the window and adjacent walls. Use a painting tape and foils for this purpose. Tape gaskets, glass and walls with tape. Protect the window sill with the foil, the floor or the radiator under the window. Thanks to this, cleaning will take you much less time after painting.

Prepare the equipment. Mix the paint thoroughly, if necessary, you can thin it a little. For painting the flat brush or flock roller will work best. The paint can also be applied by spraying.

Apply paint. Depending on the paint, the foundation may or may not be needed. Apply the paint from the corners, in one direction, fast, determined movements. We apply two layers with approximately 3 hours of space.

Picture credit: Pexels