5 Unlucky Things You Should Never Keep At Home

5 Unlucky Things You Should Never Keep At HomeAs most of us know, the practice of feng shui involves the use of various talismans, and furniture and things in the rooms should be located according to their energy strength and purpose.

For example, placing in the bedroom images or dragon figures promises a pair of eternal passion. At the same time, experts in the field of Feng Shui also have a “black list” of objects and things that are highly discouraged to keep in your home, as they can upset the harmony and energy balance.

We present to your attention 5 things that you should get rid of so that a positive atmosphere and prosperity always reigned in your home.

1. Water in the “corner of love”
The far right section of your home (if you stand at the front door) is considered a “corner of love.” In this area, you should not place any objects that have anything to do with water – an aquarium, a washing machine, a vase of flowers.

It is also not recommended to place a large mirror in this sector. All this will prevent you from maintaining a sensual relationship with your partner. If the bathroom is located in this area, be sure to close the door to the room tightly.

2. Heavy objects
We do not advise you to place heavy objects near the bed, as well as decorate the bedroom with images of people. In the interior design it is recommended to use calm pastel shades (except for white), but no more than two tones.

As already mentioned above, mirrors should also not be placed in the bedroom – it is better if they are on the cabinet doors or in another room in general. Prefer a bed with a high headboard – this will help stimulate a full sleep and protect the owners of the house from troubles.

3. Sharp objects and corners
Edged weapons (for example, souvenir swords), horns, and even candelabra also fell into the “black list” of Feng Shui art experts. Although today they do not often decorate the interior, it should be recalled that such objects will disrupt the energy harmony of your home.

Sharp angles in large numbers also emit aggression and can provoke regular quarrels, emotional exhaustion and even illness of the owners. The sharp corner that points to the family bed threatens your personal life and career growth.

We advise you to “smooth out” these shortcomings with special overlays.

4. Damaged or broken items
You can improve the energy and aura of your home by saving it from all broken or damaged things. If they are very dear to you, try to restore them and return to their original appearance.

Feng Shui experts say that before throwing away memorabilia, they need to be thanked for the joy that they have been delivering to you all this time. This will free up space in your home for new emotions and experiences and ensure energy balance.

5. Barriers to the spread of energy
The main obstacles to a positive aura and harmony in the house include:
A long corridor at the end of which there is a bedroom.
If the front and rear doors are on the same line.
Staircase right next to the door.
Roof beams in the room where the bedroom is located.
If your home contains several of these barriers, we advise you to reduce their negative impact by using indoor plants, mirrors and carpets.

These simple tips will help you fill your home with positive energy and a favorable atmosphere. It’s time to tell your loved ones!

Picture Credit: Pixabay