Easy Tips For Washing Blankets

Easy Tips For Washing BlanketsThere are not many joyful moments in life, as wonderful as the moment when you plunge into the arms of a soft blanket. It is like immersing your body in a sea of ​​clouds and makes it very difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

It seems that the only inconvenience is that the blanket requires special care to serve you for a long time. If you are looking for a simple way to care for him, without going to a dry cleaning specialist, we offer some simple tips.

First, remember that you can not wash the blanket in a standard household washing machines. It is better not to wash it too often, as this can destroy the filler. Try to limit washing once a year. Meanwhile, use a duvet cover that can be changed as needed.

For washing, you need to use industrial washing machines that are in self-service laundries. Set the washing machine to delicate mode and use only a tiny amount of mild detergent. Keep coffee and wine away from bed, as stains from them is not easy to remove.

Drying is the longest part of the whole process; it can take up to several hours. Place a blanket in a very large dryer and take it out every 45 minutes, straightening down and breaking clods.

Make sure it is completely dry before placing it back in the duvet cover. Even a little moisture can cause discomfort. To freshen the smell of a blanket, wind it outdoors.

Picture Credit: Dimhou