Design Mistakes We All Make in Our Apartments

Design Mistakes We All Make in Our ApartmentsWhat to refrain from, what to change and how to avoid?

You hang pictures too high

When it comes to decorating an apartment with works of art, there is one immutable rule: the center of any painting should be at eye level. Learn it and act!

You place the furniture under the wall

Probably, it seems a little strange to you if the sofa is in the middle of the room, but it doesn’t look so trite. But the arrangement of furniture is traditionally – under the wall – this is already a formality. Try experimenting!

You are afraid of games with color

We love monotonous calm shades, but the apartment will look very simple, without frustration, if we continue in the same spirit. Let you have a reason to buy a bright turquoise vase or a pink photo frame.

You have too many pillows on the couch

Yes, pillows are a great way to add patterns and colors to a neutral interior. But you need to be able to do it in doses.

You manage trends

You are fighting for the compatibility of things. The bedside table in the hall should exactly match the design of the bedside table in the bedroom and the dining furniture should be from the same collection … Why don’t you just assemble the furniture you like and try to create your own composition from it.

You don’t care about lighting

Sources of light in the apartment – this is what you think in the least. And in vain. Proper lighting, gently enveloping every piece of furniture, will completely change the appearance and perception of space.

Picture Credit: Pexels