8 Content Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019

8 Content Marketing Trends You Can't Ignore in 2019Content is becoming more and more significant and this is more than just blogging, it’s communication with the audience at a new level. In 2019, the quality of content completely depends on the effectiveness of promotion on the Internet. But the Internet is changeable: what was an effective tool for promotion yesterday, it is no longer working today. And a successful online business will be only if you know what type of content is in trend today. Specialists of the eMIS company offer their own opinion and present to your attention 10 content marketing ideas that are relevant in 2018.

1. Use video content

Video is one of the main trends in digital marketing in recent years and in 2019 is still at the peak of its popularity. Communication with the client must be effective and engaging, and for this it is necessary to act on all the human senses. Interactive content perfectly copes with this task: we hear, see and dive into the plot of the video, we are left with the impression of the information received. If you keep up with the times and want to get new customers, enter video content into your strategy. Videos should preferably be made small, up to 1 minute.

2. Company’s own blog

Company’s own blog which has new high-quality content of the company constantly appears, worked perfectly in 2018 and will be an equally effective tool for content marketing in 2019. Here plays a role and the principle of expert, credible, and the principle of transparency of information, which is very much appreciated by Internet users. Let your site be associated with a reliable source of information, give unique and useful information. Be a specialist who is close to your audience and can find solutions to their problems.

3. Bet on live video

Streaming video is rapidly moving ahead, overtaking other forms of presenting information, such as texts and images. In 2018, the share of streaming video accounted for 75% of all traffic, especially on social networks. Users increasingly trust online broadcasts rather than recordings and videos. Therefore, you can succeed in attracting an audience by adding live video on your page on Facebook or Twitter. Spend live, tell about your company, about new products of the range or start a discussion. Such communication with the audience has a very positive effect on loyalty.

4. Communicate with your audience on social networks

Interactivity is the foundation of the modern Internet. Anyone can comment, post, share any publication, and thus disseminate information in the vast World Wide Web. Comments, response posts of these users – an excellent source of unique content for your online business. You can specifically implement special talk-triggers, provoking readers to communicate.

5. Say no to crossposting

Publication of the same material at different sites is yesterday and is already perceived as moveton. As a rule, each social network is a separate unique audience, with its own interests and needs. And what is interesting to Facebook users may not always interest the Twitter audience and vice versa. Therefore, today it is necessary to prepare content separately for each site, considering its features.

6. Dosed presentation of information

Large publications – gradually lose their effectiveness to attract and retain the attention of the audience, although it is still well perceived by the parsers. Content experts are increasingly sharing bulk materials into several parts. Here the principle of the series works, when the series ends at the most interesting place, and you look forward to the next one.

7. Explainers

These are short videos that describe products and explain (hence the name) their merits. Selling commercials effectively present new products to customers without spending a lot of precious user time. In addition, the presence of video descriptions on the product page increases the confidence of the audience by 4 times and, therefore, stimulates sales.

8. A lot does not mean good

If earlier, high activity on the site was equally effective for working with clients and for interacting with search engines, now more and more attention is paid to the quality of content than to quantity. Therefore, you are no longer obliged to throw your customers with e-mails and Facebook posts, all the more, it can be annoying as much as hype. Better work on high-quality, unique, interesting and useful content.

Picture Credit: Tumisu