Ways to Save Money on Home Repairs

Ways to Save Money on Home RepairsHow to make repairs in the room to save as much money as possible without losing on quality.

Adjust to the raw data

To choose the cheapest option for home decoration – use correctly what is already in it. For example, if you bought a new apartment and it has a rough finish – think about the design of the dwelling in the style of a loft – with raw bricks and concrete walls. If the apartment is not new – the country-style and Scandinavian design can become the most inexpensive option for finishing. The interiors will look cozy and much you can arrange yourself.

Draw a project

To create a project, it is not necessary to involve a professional architect or designer — you can do it yourself. Such a project should include a detailed electrical plan and placement of furniture in the room. Go to this issue consciously – the masters or you yourself will be much easier to work on a ready-made plan. Also, the presence of a detailed plan will allow the masters to more accurately name the price of upcoming works, and you control their implementation. If finances allow – still order the project from professionals.

Cost estimate

Before you buy materials for the repair – think about what is required for finishing the floor, walls and ceiling. At first, you can not detail – just decide on the material – where there will be tile, linoleum, laminate, etc. The estimate can immediately include curtains, chandeliers, mirrors and carpets. Consider the best to the maximum. Also include in the estimate the cost of repairs – check them on the project with the masters. Starting directly to repair work, use life hacking:

Lay tile only in wet areas

It is not necessary to lay tiles in the whole bathroom – from top to bottom – you can arrange tiles with only those parts where water falls. The rest can be painted with paint for wet rooms.

Consider the durability of materials

More durable materials often cost more. Therefore, it is better to think in advance where you can use materials of lesser strength. For example, the laminate in the bedroom may be a smaller class of wear resistance – say, the 31st, but in the corridor – 32-33 classes.

Do not take materials “butt”

Do not save on 1-2 rolls or meter of tile. If you have to buy more materials – you risk not finding a wallpaper or tile from the same batch – because the colors may differ significantly. There is still a risk of not finding the right material at all. It is better to purchase more, and return excess to the hypermarket.

Look for low-cost counterparts and choose plain materials

Designers are advised to use laminate instead of parquet for budget repair, also cork or polyurethane baseboards instead of MDF. To save on the repair of the ceiling, you can use a suspended ceiling and simple wallpaper, and not to align the surface for painting. In order not to overpay, it is better to choose monochromatic tiles and wallpapers – the materials with the pattern are more difficult to adjust and they will leave more.

Do not save on important things

In no case should not save on utilities and painting walls. If you flood your neighbors, you have to pay much more. You also have to fork out if paint peels off the walls.

Choose the right brigade

Choosing a team of masters, experts advise to arrange something like a tender and consider several proposals. Choose a better team that will provide a detailed estimate of the work. Professionals, it is desirable to entrust to perform all the work with plumbing, electrics, painting and decorative finishing.

Perform work in the correct order

Often you have to pay more due to the fact that the work is redone.

Rough Stage

Workers dismantle the walls, strobe, lay the wiring and fail communications; Next, workers plaster the surface, perform floor screed.

Fine finish

At this stage, flooring is being laid, walls are painted or wallpaper is glued, sockets and plumbing are being installed, furniture is being assembled.

The final stage

Door installation.

It is worth paying attention Replacement windows should be done as early as possible.

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