Secret Cleaning Tips From the Pros

Secret Cleaning Tips From the ProsMaintaining cleanliness in the house is the unspoken task of any housewife. However, we are all trying to reduce the time spent on work and the required procedures, and to allocate more time for the family, a hobby or just relaxing with a book or a favorite movie. In today’s article, I will share with you the secrets of quick cleaning in the apartment, which will free you from necessary work faster, and the result will last longer.

Cleaning steps

It so happens that the guests are on the doorstep, and there is no time for spring cleaning in the apartment. Or, on the contrary, there is just a lot of free time, and in what order and what to grab onto is not clear. I will give an example of a step-by-step instruction, which I use myself. Broken down at such stages, the cleaning will take place quickly and consistently.

The first thing that catches the eye of a person who has entered the house is the entrance hall. Allow more time on the hangers, hang the outer clothing that you don’t use, put it in a closet, hide small items in drawers, and put beautiful shoes on.
Go to the bathroom. Cleaning the bathroom consists in cleaning surfaces, getting rid of plaque and stains, replacing towels.

Evaluate the room with a critical look – place things that are not in place, distribute them in the cabinets.
Wash mirrors and glass surfaces will help glass cleaner. If you wash with plain water – you will lose time on washing stains and polishing the surface.
Vacuum the apartment as the next step. If the vacuum cleaner has the function of wet cleaning – use it. If not, wash the floors with liquid detergent in the water at the end of the job.
Finish the work in the kitchen. Wash the dishes or send them to the dishwasher. Wipe the surface with a grease remover. Wash floors, remove all excess from work surfaces.

Quick Cleaning Tips

Since cleaning is a very ordinary and obligatory task, every housewife regularly encounters it. Experience is gradually being developed and secrets of quick cleaning appear. The most common ones I have collected here.

There is an unspoken rule of 15 minutes. Every day, doing your own business, spend 15 minutes cleaning. The meaning of the method is that maintaining order is simpler and less time-consuming than carrying out general cleaning.
Maintain cleanliness on work surfaces: blockages create a mess.

Wash the windows not only in the spring, but also at least once a year, before leaving for the winter. Do not forget about mirrors and other glass surfaces, there is nothing less aesthetic than stained glass.
If there is not enough time to care for the flowers, it is better to do without flowers at all than to force the window sill to be groomed dry plants.
The kitchen and bathroom are almost the visiting card of the hostess. Maintain cleanliness and order in these two rooms, it is easy to do this using the above rule of 15 minutes. Distribute tasks for 1-2 weeks, and in a month you will see the result.

Cleaning Secrets

Even in a routine such as cleaning, there are interesting nuances, the knowledge of which helps to save time spent on cleaning and increase work efficiency.

Alternative methods are not always untested. For example, the use of soda in cleaning is a proven tool for decades. It qualitatively cleans, degreases and deodorizes surfaces. Only use it with caution – it is an abrasive.
To remove traces of water on wood, use a hair dryer or hair straightener. The technique will dry the water clogged in the tree, the stain will disappear.
Optimize the process: the dishwasher can be used not only to clean dishes, but also to wash toys and household items.

To clean fat from a microwave or oven, put chopped lemon in a bowl of water, bring the water to a boil and leave it inside the appliance. The steam will melt, the lemon will degrease the surface.
Use a cotton pad moistened with bleach to remove mold.
Lampshade from the lamp and other textiles in the house is easy to clean with a sticky roller.
Get a steam generator. A versatile and efficient technique that will help make cleaning quick and quality in all rooms of the apartment. Cleaning tiles, floors, dirt on the working surface, upholstery of upholstered furniture, curtains and many other tasks are subject to this useful unit.
Cleaning the apartment may not be a chore, but a simple and quick task that you will not notice if you organize the process correctly and take the advice of the same housewives at home.

Picture Credit: Pixaline