How to Spend Less Time Cleaning

How to Spend Less Time CleaningSo that cleaning takes less time and does not have to worry about scratches and fingerprints, choose the right materials for decoration and furniture.

For the kitchen, bathroom and hallway tile would be the ideal option. I do not recommend using plain black or white tiles, if your goal is practicality. Choose mid tones. And if style allows, take materials with the effect of aging – there is almost no dirt on the surface. When choosing parquet or laminate, give preference to a surface without chamfers, medium tones.

Wall decoration
For walls, use high-gloss paint: it is water-repellent, walls are easier to clean. It is best to use this finish in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

What is easy to wash in the bathroom is a large tile with minimal seams. The seams should be a tone darker than the tile itself or tone to tone, then there will be no problems with them. On a black tile water drops will be evident.

Another interesting material for bathrooms is washable wallpaper. They are made of special bidirectional fiberglass fabric soaked in waterproof solution.

On ordinary wallpaper, be sure to check the labeling. There are symbols on the roll: three waves – this is high resistance to moisture, one wave – the material requires a careful attitude.

Kitchen set
It is better to take the facades of the headset without panels and chamfers, since dirt accumulates on them. By experience, I can say that it is much easier to clean the kitchen in the style of minimalism, and not a classic.

Glossy surfaces are the most branded, especially black ones: they leave marks on them. If you want to make just such a kitchen, be sure to install pens. But the most unmarked – it is bright smooth matte facades.

When designing a kitchen, avoid a large number of joints. Built-in technology is easier in terms of cleaning. Also use touch controls wherever possible – and in terms of switches, too.

Table top
Marble is now very relevant, but it is a capricious material: it’s better not to spill anything on it – neither acid nor red wine. Of course, there are care products for marble, but you need to deal with this care separately and spend time on it.

On a soft tree – such as birch – scratches and dents appear fairly quickly. On hard rocks such as beech still need to try to make such a dent. To protect from moisture, the wooden countertop must be oiled, and this also takes time.

But the artificial stone does not absorb anything, there are no scratches on it, it is a very convenient material in the care. Exceptions are lacquered countertops.

Plumbing to facilitate cleaning is better to choose a suspension, and pedestals – suspended or legged: with this you greatly simplify your life.

Put glass without frames in the shower room, dirt inevitably accumulates on the aluminum frames and joints with glass. And be sure to use special processing tools for glass that repel water.

Do not be afraid to use white furniture in the interior – washing it is as easy as dark, and dust on it is almost always less noticeable than on furniture of the wenge color. Choose upholstered furniture with removable covers – they can be washed. Furniture on the legs also simplify cleaning.

Picture Credit: klimkin