How To Organize Your Workplace At Home

How to Organize Your Workplace at Home

How to choose a comfortable desk and chair, how to light your workspace – about modern trends.

In a separate room

In the arrangement of the working space, the most important are four points:

  • table;
  • storage shelves;
  • chair;
  • a light.

Everything else – color, decor – depends on the wishes and style in which the interior is arranged.


It is very important that a table is not made of metal, stone, or glass. After all, these materials will make your hands be sticky, freezing, and work will be uncomfortable. If you still choose one of them, advise you to buy additional rubber pads that make work comfortable.

The best option – wood, because it quickly absorbs heat from the person, reaches a temperature at which it is comfortable to work. And wood can reach room temperature, so the work surface will always be comfortable. You can choose metal tables with wooden tops or height-adjustable tables.


The chair should be ergonomic – with lumbar support and individual adjustment mechanism. Or you can choose a chair in proportion to your body and be sure to consider comfort. In this case, advising you to buy Japanese-made chairs, even if they are wooden.

A place for things

These can be individual cabinets or cabinets mounted on the table. Otherwise, it is hanging shelves or shelves in the form of an organizer. Here you should store things that you will use most often.

Again, this is individuality for everyone. Some people work only on a computer, while others, on the contrary, need a lot of paper, pencils, various tools nearby.


The arrangement of light depends on when a person works. For those who do not work in the evening, the light is not so important. If you have a job in the evening or at night, the lighting should be considered during the arrangement of the workplace first.

In architectural planning, there is a generally accepted rule about light. It is desirable that there was daylight near the working space, and its source was located to the left of the person. That is, if you are sitting at a table, it is desirable that the window was to your left. Then there will be no extra shadows on the workspace.

And it is necessary to create conditions that there were no sharp differences in light. Another option – when the window in front of the desktop. In this case, you have daylight and a work surface without shadows.

For artificial light, it is best to mount adaptive or pendant lamps that can be adjusted.

The shade of light is important, it is very important for sight. Too warm or too cold can have a bad effect on vision, so you should choose a neutral, light shade: from 3,500 to 4,000 Kelvin. This is neutral light, it is closest to daylight and the least damage to vision.

If there is no separate room

If it is possible to put a separate table, put it. The largest possible work surface is good, but it all depends on the format of work and the size of the room. The best option is a table that will not spoil the layout of the space.

If you work with a laptop, then a small table will suffice – 60 centimeters per meter. For compact rooms, as an alternative, you can use a folding table, which is attached to the wall. It is made to order: in the folded state it merges with a wall.

In a room where there was no redevelopment, you will have to arrange a working space in a place with a power grid. If you design from scratch, you should install many sockets near the workplace.

Make workspace as adaptable as possible so that everything can be moved as conveniently as possible. A comfortable workspace is one in which you can sometimes change your position.

Picture Credit: Unsplash