White House: Monochrome Interior Rules

White House: Monochrome Interior Rules

Let’s find out why everyone is attracted to white interiors and why interiors like this do not go out of fashion and rules

First of all, lightness is an important argument in favor of white interiors. The advantage of white is that it reflects light better than other colored surfaces, and a room with white walls will be brighter even with small windows.

Secondly, one of the rules of a harmonious interior is the absence of sharp boundaries of colors: the brighter your apartment, the smaller it seems. That’s why snow-white interiors seem endless.

Finally, white is the perfect background for paintings and other details. And this is something for which you can not love white color.

Over time, any home is “overgrown” with spontaneous colorful decor: a cute purple frame from mom, a red statuette from friends – all these things, important to owners, can combine, for example, in white cabinets.

What do you need to know to create a white interior?

In terms of color preferences for walls, a white interior is no better than full-color: for every good white, there is no less good full-color.

It’s just harder to be wrong with white. In any case, to create a white interior looks like the pages of a magazine, it is useful to know about the pitfalls.

Level walls

This is not usually mentioned in articles about interiors, but the quality of wall preparation plays an important role: defects and cracks are visible on a poorly made white wall, and the more concise the space, the more noticeable the shortcomings.

Therefore, the requirements for the quality of repairs to minimalist interiors should be higher.

Color combination

It is not so difficult to combine colors. You will not make a mistake if you use a simple rule that is suitable for any visual representation:

Different textures

For the white interior not to turn into a hospital one, it needs to be filled with different textures: smooth stone, painted wood, embossed wallpaper, leather, fur, etc. It makes the interior visually voluminous.

Choose furniture with RAL

White is more complex than it seems at first glance. If you decide to complete the room with white furniture and buy it in different places, you will most quickly find that your white furniture is not so white.

There are many shades of white: gray, yellow, and blue, and there are nine degrees of gloss, and each paint manufacturer can have its own. Ideal, of course, to make custom furniture and synchronize the brands of paint from different manufacturers.


If you have to order furniture, to get the optimal white color, choose from the RAL catalog. This color palette is used by manufacturer, number 9016.

Compared to others, it is a little yellowish, but in real life, this color looks the best.

Picture Credit: Unsplash