How Often Do You Need to Clean the House During Quarantine

How Often Do You Need to Clean the House During Quarantine

Cleaning should begin by collecting debris and dust from surfaces.

House cleaning is always an important issue, especially during a pandemic. To maximize the security of your home from a dangerous virus, it is important to do wet cleaning a little more often than you usually do. Here are four cleaning options and several rules for how often and in what order you need to clean.

There are four cleaning options:

Daily cleaning

This option is an ideal solution for those people who spend a lot of time at home and can afford to regularly clean, wiping surfaces, and put extra things in place. This will keep the house clean, with a little effort, but every day.

Weekly cleaning

This option is the most popular because it helps to maintain cleanliness in the apartment, but at the same time does not spend a lot of effort every day. And once a week a person puts aside all his affairs and proceeds to clean up: cleaning the house, washing, ironing, taking out the garbage, and putting all things in their places.

Cleaning by necessity

This is a good option for those who know how to put things in their places immediately after use and litter very rarely and also spend little time at home.


This clean-up option is recommended once every three months. This cleaning option involves cleaning more in-depth than you usually do. And the analysis of the wardrobe, and kitchen accessories, it will also be necessary to wash all surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as washing chandeliers, washing curtains, and more.

How often to do wet cleaning in the house

This type of cleaning helps reduce dust in the air, and also fights dust mites and bacteria – therefore, it must be carried out regularly. The best option is to arrange wet cleaning twice a week. It is especially important to regularly carry out wet cleaning now during a pandemic.

What to do when wet cleaning

During wet cleaning, it is necessary to wipe with a damp cloth all surfaces – window sills, shelves, furniture surfaces, floor lamps from dust, mopping floors, plumbing, paintings, and other accessories. In addition, you need to clean all the equipment on which dust accumulates very quickly.

In what order do you need to clean

Cleaning should begin by collecting debris and dust from surfaces. Then you need to move through the zones from top to bottom: start with the chandelier and upper tiers of cabinets and shelves, paintings, and wall lamps. After that, go to the tables and window sills, wipe the doorways and the doors themselves, figurines and other objects at the level of medium surfaces.

If there is a need, clean upholstered furniture, and carpets with a damp rag with a special tool. Mirrors and glass doors of furniture can be wiped at the end of the cleaning, because the smallest particles of dust settle on them.

Finish wet cleaning by mopping the floor.

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