Spray Paint: Renovate Your House

Spray Paint: Renovate Your House

Do not throw away old furniture or stuff. Believe it or not, spray paint can bring them back to life. Read on to learn how to do it!

Spray paint is one of the best materials for creative and innovative ideas. From painting a wall or a corner to decorating old stuff. You can do a lot with these wonderful paints.

Spray paint comes in a variety of textures, such as metal, acrylic, stone, wood, matte and glossy, creating a variety of coatings to achieve almost any effect you can imagine.

Advantages of spray paint

Spray paint has many advantages over conventional paint for finishing various stuff.

Here are some of them:

  • You do not need additional tools such as brushes, rollers, or paint stands.
  • You will finish faster than with regular paint.
  • The surface is uniform because the paint does not leave traces of brushes and rollers.
  • Spray paints are oil paints, so they are stronger than water-based paints.
  • Spray paint covers a larger area as it reaches places where brushes and rollers do not reach.

Some tips before using

  • Before using spray paint, it is necessary to take certain protective measures to avoid damage to yourself and other objects.
  • Spray paint contains a very fine powder that usually extends beyond the area you want to paint, so you need to cover the surrounding areas.
  • For the same reason, it is advisable to wear a mask so as not to inhale toxic paint, and gloves so that the paint does not fall on your hands.
  • It is advisable to paint outdoors so that paint particles do not remain in your home.
  • Do not paint if the wind is blowing, as it may pick up the paint, ie you will need more paint, and the surface may not be as smooth.
  • If you paint in the sun, the paint dries much faster. However, try to avoid painting on a hot day. Very high temperatures can create bubbles in the paint as it dries.
  • When you paint, always try to spray the paint from the same distance so that the surface is smooth. Also, spray the paint from side to side of the surface to be painted, without focusing on one point, so that the paint does not accumulate in one place.
  • If you notice that a certain area is less painted, it is better to cover the entire area with the second and even third layer, rather than just focusing on one area.

With these tips, you can turn on your imagination and paint everything.

Painted metal vases

Renew your old vases using metallic shades. Dispose of the jars and turn them into pots for your little plants.

  • If the jars have paper labels, remove them and rinse well.
  • When they dry, put them on a newspaper and spray paint inside and out.
  • Metallic colors such as bronze or silver look better, but you can use other colors if you want.
  • Make sure to cover the jars well with paint to prevent rust.
  • If you plan to plant a plant that needs a lot of water, you can make a hole in the bottom.

Restore old lamps

You can also restore any old lamp on which the paint has peeled off so that it looks new.

  • Sand the old paint so that the surface is smooth.
  • Protect the inside where the light bulb and wire are located.
  • Make sure that the place where the light bulb is screwed in is tightly closed because if you paint it, the electrical contact will be lost.
  • Apply any color you like. Metal textures look great.
  • Let it dry and enjoy the new look!

Restore old furniture

You can also update old furniture, no matter what it is made of. As with lamps, spray paint can be applied to wooden, plastic, or metal furniture to make them look new.

  • Cover surfaces you don’t want to paint, such as box handles, with newspaper.
  • Wipe the surface thoroughly to remove old paint.
  • Apply the paint evenly on the furniture.
  • Dry and apply a second coat.
  • If you want, you can apply varnish at the end for a glossy finish and wood protection.

Now that you know how spray paint can come in handy, create your own unique design. The possibilities are endless!

Picture Credit: Pexels