How To Make Your Kitchen Comfortable

How to Make Your Kitchen Comfortable

Dispenser for detergent

There are many convenient organizers for the kitchen. For example, if you have little space near the sink, you can buy a special dispenser for detergent. It can be built into the desktop.

To do this, a special hole is made, which is covered with silicone so that water does not get there. You can pour both liquid soap and detergent into the dispenser. It is almost invisible, does not take up too much space, and is very easy to use.

Organizer for sponges

You can also buy a sink organizer, in which you can put sponges for washing dishes. It can be hung on the tap or if you have a double sink, then between its walls. This allows you to hide the sponge in the sink so that it does not take up space on the countertop.

Folding dryer

If you have a large sink, you can install a special folding dryer, which is easily removed. It is convenient because it is made in the form of a lattice, which can be placed dishes to drain water.

You will not need to lay out a separate towel or tumble dryer on the tabletop. You can also leave washed vegetables on this dryer. In addition, drying does not take up extra space in the kitchen.

Magnetic lath for knives

It is very convenient to store knives on a magnetic lath. These are special magnets that cling to the wall, so knives are always in front of your eyes. In this way, they can be conveniently and quickly attached and removed.

Also, you can attach a rail to the wall to hold kitchen utensils. It is convenient to hang towels, kitchen gloves, and other utensils on it.

Organizers for storage

As for the shelves, it is better to store oversized utensils, such as pots and pans, in the lower ones. And the top shelves are better to use for plates, groats, sugar.

To make more space on the shelves, you can decant cereals or other products in special organizers. These can be jars or other containers with lids. So the products will not take up much space on your shelves. It is quite convenient, and also looks good.

Storage boxes

If you have a small storage space, it can be made more convenient and functional with special storage boxes. They can be made of wood or other materials. You can put them in your kitchen drawers.

For example, the bottom drawers are usually very deep, they store a lot of massive utensils, which are often difficult to get. But storage boxes will help to functionally distribute kitchen items and will allow to get them conveniently.

Plug-in shelves can be purchased for large drawers to make better use of storage space.

Hinged shelves for storage

Now the trend is not to make top kitchen drawers. So if you don’t have them either, you can use hinged shelves for storage. You can place here utensils, organizers for cereals, and other kitchen items.

Also, you can hang hooks on the shelf, and it is an additional convenient functional solution.

Folding table

A lot of space in a small kitchen is occupied by a table. It is recommended to use small tables because we usually use them once or twice a day. So you can choose a small table for two people (if you do not have a large family).

Picture Credit: Pexels