Quick & Easy Ways To Maintain Cleanliness In Your Kitchen

Quick & Easy Ways To Maintain Cleanliness In Your Kitchen

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Habits are able to discipline a person, maximally optimizing his time, mind and strength. Useful actions performed regularly at the level of automatism, can turn life into a more effective, useful channel. How long do I sometimes have to clean up in the kitchen to make it shine clean? A few good habits of behavior will help reduce this time at times. About how to get out and the risks of non-observance of hygiene rules when using kitchen utensils and foodstuffs, let’s talk further.

Dangerous for health bad habits of behavior in the kitchen

Habits of being distracted by extraneous matters can threaten the health of their possessor. The kitchen is a place full of hidden dangers. Neglect of safety rules, excessive manifestation of carelessness and inattention are bad habits that can play a cruel joke, both with the mistress and with the rest of the family. A spoiled dish, the smell of burning, salted food are the least of all possible consequences. Especial danger is represented by sharp, pricking, cutting objects, open fire, gas and so on. Failure to comply with the time frame for cooking meat and fish products, eating spoiled, dangerous poisoning and intoxication.

The habit of stooping during cooking can bring unpleasant consequences not only for posture, but also for digesting food. The wrong position of the spine can lead to digestive problems caused by squeezing the internal organs during meals.

The habit of leaving dirty dishes in the sink at night can cause stomach upset. Unpleasant smell next morning – not the worst. The remnants of fat and other food, which are for a long time at room temperature, are an excellent medium for the development of bacteria. Another bad habit is to leave a dirty sink in which meat or fish was processed.

Habits of saving can also serve unkindly. Do not use the same sponge for washing dishes for more than a week. After use, it should be thoroughly washed and dried.

To the dangers of hygiene is not only care for surfaces, but also the choice of kitchen utensils. For example, copper utensils or plastic from alloys, in which harmful substances are added, which pose a danger to human health. Copper in the process of heating can be oxidized and give away some of the food substances, the same happens with poor-quality plastic dishes.

Good habits of hygiene in helping the mistress as a disease prevention

Good habits of properly filling the kitchen significantly narrow the area of ​​work. In the kitchen there is no place for items from the “other area”, bad habits of storing trash in the kitchen can cause some maladies. Books, clothes, empty boxes, shoes, stacks of magazines, medicines should not be stored in the kitchen. The same rule applies to the storage of cleaning and detergents together with food.

The kitchen, like any other room, needs regular airing. Help in the fight against droplets of fat, settling on the surface of the kitchen, gases, products of burnout and dust falling into the air can extract. Do not forget about the regular cleaning of the grille and the replacement of filters. To maintain air purity and hygiene of food, smoking in the kitchen is prohibited.

The list of “unsuitable” things for the kitchen does not include houseplants. Their presence is welcomed. Especially those varieties that have the property to purify the air of harmful substances.

After preparing the dish, you should immediately wash not only the used dishes, but also the surfaces involved. A smooth kitchen floor requires daily wet cleaning. Slightly less often you need to wipe the surface of shelves in closets with a damp rag, and keep them clean. A good habit of regular defrosting and washing the refrigerator promotes better storage of products.
With cleanliness the main thing is not to overdo it. When using active detergents, they must be carefully removed from the kitchen utensils using clean running water.

Take out the garbage every day, especially this rule is relevant for a hot summer period. It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the surface of the bucket itself, when choosing it, it is better to dwell on a model with a tight-fitting lid.

Habits-tricks to optimize the cleaning process

Good habits of food hygiene allow you to avoid not only the appearance of various diseases associated with intoxication, but also not to get injuries and burns. To such habits is the rule of clean hands. All that is used to prepare the dish should be taken perfectly clean hands, it is better to cut off the nails or clean them using soap and a soft brush. It is necessary to wash hands not only just before the beginning of the culinary process. Repeat cleansing should be after each contact with a trash can, handkerchief, street, meat or fish, after visiting the toilet, sneezing, smoking. Any distraction from the process requires a second hand washing.

Good habits of hygiene in helping the mistress as a disease prevention

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A clean apron, carefully selected hair also increases the safety of the prepared dish.

If a person in the kitchen is sick, cooking should be done in a gauze dressing. Chihaya or coughing, the mouth should be covered with a handkerchief, then wash your hands with soapy water.

The chlorine solution is a universal disinfectant, by means of which disinfection of kitchen surfaces should be carried out from time to time. Mix it only with clean water, since the combination of chlorine with certain substances can provoke a reaction with the release of harmful substances into the air. After treatment, the remnants of the product must be washed off well.

To process the products, you should divide the kitchen into 2 zones, one of which should work with products that do not require heat treatment, the other with food that is processed for further cooking. For example, on one side of the fruit, on the other – meat. On the shelves of the refrigerator is better to observe the culinary “neighborhood”. Raw foods should be stored separately from the ready, fruits – separately from meat, meat – from fish, dairy and other products – separately.

Also, you should carefully monitor the shelf life of products, observing all the instructions for use.

By constantly observing the habits of right behavior in the kitchen, you do not have to worry about the usefulness and safety of cooked food, enjoying the riot of tastes and colors of cooking without unnecessary fear and fear.