Steps To Preparing Your Home For Fall

Steps To Preparing Your Home For FallAny real estate must be properly prepared for the arrival of a new era. How to prepare a private house by the autumn, what to take into account the nuances?

Summer inevitably comes to an end, and very soon the weather will begin to change, the leaves turn yellow, and the sky more often becomes gray and rainy – autumn will come. And is your house ready for the onset of damp and cold? Consider what steps need to be taken so that the autumn in the house was cozy and warm.

Roof repair
In the fall, rains come, cold winds blow, the threat of frosts increases. By skipping the preparation of the roof for a cold period, you risk getting a leak in the house and using an extra energy source in an attempt to raise the temperature of the air in the housing. Therefore, carefully examine the condition of the roof for small holes, chips, cracks and repair them with special repair mixtures based on waterproofing materials or partially replace the roof.

When testing, remove the lesions of mold, treating the areas with special compounds. Inspect the condition of gutters and gutters, removing unnecessary debris and fallen leaves – this will save you from the accumulation of moisture on the roof. To ensure that strong winds do not create unnecessary noise, trim the branches of trees hanging over the roof. If you have a fireplace in your house or a stove, be sure to clean the chimney, replace the filters. If there is an autonomous heating system, call the service technician to verify that the equipment is working.

Order in the attic
During the summer period, quite a variety of trash accumulates under the roof, which does not need to be left for hibernation, as excess moisture causes mold decay and reproduction. It is best to worry in advance about the insulation of the roof and attic, if this is not done before. The easiest way – the installation of slabs of glass or mineral wool close to the rafters. Protect the layer of insulation from the attic side is a vapor barrier film, and from the street – a windproof canvas. Check is the condition of the communications located under the roof (wires, heating pipes, ventilation systems, etc.), and throughout the house.

Attention to walls and windows
The condition of the walls is another guarantee of warmth in the house. Therefore, make sure of their reliability (eliminate holes and cracks), refresh the paint, giving preference to goods with resistance to precipitation and temperature changes, and engage in thermal insulation of the surface, if required.

Check the condition of the windows for drafts, the presence of deformations, replace the seals where necessary, check the operability of the window locks. To sunlight more efficiently heated the room, remove the reflective films and wash the glass.

Processing of locks
Locks, bolts and other locking mechanisms with the arrival of autumn are experiencing an increased load – temperature drops and humidity can bring them to a total inoperability. Therefore, visit the nearest hardware store or market and get there non-freezing grease (the simplest option is a solid oil). In the case of country houses, one of the options to protect locks from moisture is to cover them by pruning a plastic bottle of the appropriate size.

House cleaning
The arrival of autumn is a wonderful occasion to restore order in the house, so do cleaning in rooms (furniture, floors, walls). Go through the wardrobe, deliver seasonal items, since they occupy more volume compared to summer clothes, then it will be necessary to free up additional space for their placement. Make sure the blankets and blankets are in good condition – without them it is impossible to imagine a gathering in the evening.

If you are going to leave the house during the cold season and move to the city limits, then pack the utensils and other utensils in boxes, cover the furniture with special covers or polyethylene, put the moth-fighting remedy in the wardrobes with clothes and the poison from the rodents in the rooms.

Inspection of the house territory
In the presence of economic buildings they must be inspected, as in the points described above. Prepare garden tools for harvesting fallen leaves and grass, protective covers for outdoor furniture.

Thus, you can be sure that the house is not afraid of any autumn bad weather.

Picture Credit: paulbr75