Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems

Positive Pressure Ventilation SystemsWhat is forced ventilation and what tasks does it solve?
The presence of properly functioning ventilation in the living space is indisputable. It should be understood that the ventilation should not only remove the exhaust air from the room to the outside, but also ensure the flow of fresh air from the street, and in the required amount. The main task of fresh air ventilation is precisely this. But, in addition, depending on the model of the device and the provided functionality, the inlet ventilation provides:

  • purification of fresh air from various harmful impurities such as mechanical impurities, small debris, insects, etc.
  • heating or cooling the air entering the apartment, depending on the set parameters
  • maintaining the optimum level of humidity, which is important both for human health and for the quality of repair (in conditions of high humidity or excessively dry air, building and finishing materials will serve much less)
  • healthy and comfortable conditions for life due to the solution of the tasks listed above, as well as through automatic operation, allowing you not to think about the need to constantly turn on / off the system. Special sensors determine the automatic operation of ventilation, determining air pollution, its temperature, humidity level in an apartment, etc.

Despite the obvious significance of fresh air ventilation, many are convinced that conventional ventilation is able to cope with all the tasks listed (it is natural ventilation). But the very first airing in cold winter or in a sultry summer will show how erroneous this belief is. Natural ventilation is not able to replace the forced intake!

Main types of air handling units

Today on the market of climate systems there are a lot of varieties of air handling units. However, the main ones are:

  • the supply fan is perhaps the simplest and most affordable equipment designed to simply provide fresh air — no more, no less. The fan does not carry out either purification or heating / cooling of the intake air, performing only the main task. This should be taken into account if you want to get more than just fresh air in your apartment from inlet ventilation.
  • air handling unit – the best option for those who just a little inlet fan. Such ventilation units can be very compact in size, which makes it possible to install and conveniently operate them even in small apartments. At the same time, the air handling unit, in addition to supplying fresh air to the room, performs heating / cooling of air from the street, cleans it, controls the level of humidity in the room, etc. (depending on the provided functionality)
  • duct ventilation inlet installations are a surplus for a typical apartment, as they are designed for servicing entire buildings, and they, as a rule, have considerable dimensions. A rather high price makes the installation of such ventilation in a typical housing unprofitable. Suitable for use on large commercial sites.

You will not know any problems with the inlet ventilation, if at the selection stage you consult with the specialists and refuse to install the system by yourself. Because the choice of equipment should not be carried out according to the criterion “like – dislike”, but taking into account the technical and planning features of a particular room (object). As for the installation, despite the apparent simplicity, it is worth understanding that the installation of ventilation equipment is not domestic, but specialized work, requiring the master to have some experience, knowledge and professional competencies.

Picture Credit: GregoryButler